Digital Photo Restoration

At Gemini, we know how important it is to preserve, and protect your most valuable memories. But what do you do when those memories – those heirloom photos, those one-of-a-kind snapshots, those family treasures – are damaged?

Let us help! Using state-of-the-art technology combined with an artist’s touch, we can breathe new life into those photos, preserving, and protecting your memories for years to come.

Digital photo restoration is exactly what it sounds like – restoring old photos that have been damaged by time, the elements, and/or a lack of care. It’s totally normal and extremely common for photos to become damaged over time. Sadly, it’s also natural that as photos fade due to damage, so do the memories they so crisply captured.

Almost any damaged photo can be given new life with our online digital photo restoration service. We combine state-of-the-art technology with an artist’s touch and impeccable customer service to guarantee your satisfaction with the end result. In general, we can digitally repair nearly any type of photo damage, including:

● Fixing Tears in Photos

● Fixing Rips in Photos

● Fixing Creases in Photos

● Removing Stains on Photos

● Removing Discoloration on Photos

● Removing Fading on Photos

● Removing Water Damage on Photos

● Removing Tape Damage on Photos

● Removing Foxing on Photos (foxing is photo deterioration over time that looks like brown spots and discoloration)

We also offer additional services to further enhance and protect digitally restored photos, such as:

● Digital Photo Retouching Service

● Digital Color Correction Service

● Digital Photo Enhancement Service

● Photo Reprint Service

● Digital Archiving of Photos

● Photo Collaging Service

With our years of experience with online photo restoration, the professionals at Gemini take pride in our commitment to preserving, protecting, and highlighting people’s most cherished memories. To speak with our printing team about your needs and/or to receive a quote, give us a call at 800-323-3575 ex 4124. You can also visit our custom printing page for more custom design or special effects options, or visit our online print shop for self-service gallery canvas, luster photo, or matte printing. We also offer custom framing, custom moulding, and custom enclosure services to best display your restored memories.

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