At Gemini, we believe that nothing about the framing, moulding, and custom enclosure business has to be run-of-the-mill.

In fact, we know that everything we do brings joy to our customers because we’re protecting, preserving, and highlighting people’s most cherished memories, and prized possessions. Whether it’s framing a 100 plus year old Renoir or your daughter’s finest crayon drawing, we bring the same level of care, and precision to everything we do because we understand how important your memories are.

Your memories and possessions help make up the fabric of your life, capturing the story of your existence for generations to come. Our goal is to help tell that story by complementing, and preserving it for what it truly is. At Gemini, we believe everyone has a history worth telling, and everything we do is rooted in helping make that a possibility.


Courtney Wright has the equation for success – stay curious, listen to feedback, fail a lot, and make time for friends, and family.


Coco’s (all her friends call her Coco) tenacity begins at 4:30AM when she begins to connect the dots. She’s always laser focused on her master plan. The five-decade old business bombshell is New England born, but calls Illinois home after attending Lake Forest College.

She founded CDW Merchants, the leading provider of 3D visual retail displays and e-commerce gift packaging for the nation’s top retailers, including Kate Spade, Sperry’s, and Club Monaco. In 2016, Courtney packaged CDW for the last time, and sold it to a global billion-dollar company.

Free time isn’t her thing … quickly she jumped on an opportunity to buy a company she worked with closely, a vendor to CDW.  The downtime didn’t last long, in 2016 she bought Gemini Builds It (F/K/A Gemini Moulding). Since the deal closed, she saved 60 jobs, bought a business to close the gap on outsourcing, and offers 401K, and continuing education to the staff. Gemini is housed in a 50,000 square-foot manufacturing center in Elgin, but Courtney has her mind set to double the growth of the business in a year, and bring the sales team to Chicago … she’s one woman making manufacturing cool in Chicago.

Wright wants women to know they can have their cake, and eat it too. She has been married to her life, and business partner, Larry, for the past 21 years, and together they have two sons. She prides herself on never missing either of her boys sporting events, and stopping to smell the sweet scent of success.

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